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West Michigan hunters offering to help control coyote population

WEST MICHIGAN — Coyote sightings in recent years have been staggering and many have taken to social media to show how many have been lurking in backyards.

March is the end of mating season for coyotes, and they can become very aggressive this time of year, getting close to homes and into yards if food is easily accessible.

If you have concerns with coyotes around your home, you can call a Nuisance Wildlife Control Expert or a hunter, both of whom will come out and kill or trap the creature without you needing to get involved.

Hunting and trapping coyotes is the only legal way to deal with the animals.

Hunters in West Michigan who are skilled in removing the coyotes and making sure they leave residents and their pets alone want everyone to know that they are not doing it for the sole purpose of the thrill of the hunt, but to help the community.

Trent Debor, a hunter with Team616 Outdoors, says it breaks his heart when he sees pictures of a fawn in the mouth of a coyote on a trail cam. It would be his worst nightmare if his pet became the victim of a coyote, so he is out there to manage the population.

Hunters say places like Caledonia, Allegan, Hudsonville, Jamestown, and Zeeland have all had their fair share of problems with coyotes.

Coyote hunting season just recently was expanded to all year after the national resource committee heard several concerning messages regarding them being seen more and getting more aggressive. Coyotes are always looking for an easy meal, so pushing them back and out of your yard with hunting and trapping is the best option.

As always, make sure there is no easily accessible food in your yard and keep your small pets with you on a leash when they are outside.

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  • Kevin

    Wake up people. These so-called hunters aren’t doing you any favors. They’re just looking for more living targets. If you’re lucky, you’ll end up with more coyotes. If not, I guess you’ll find out.

    • Nancy Warren

      Scientific research suggests that hunting DOES NOT control coyote populations. Coyotes provide many ecological benefits by keeping populations of mice and rats in check. This is simply killing for the fun of killing.

  • Sandra Orr

    Destroying the integrity of the coyote family by possibly killing the two pack leaders will probably lead to more of the members mating and more coyotes. When the family is stable only the alpha pair mate. If these “hunters” kill the core of the family unit then all members will be free to mate and will actually increase the number of coyotes.These hunters are really just trying to increase their opportunities to kill and have you pay them to pursue their entertainment. Properly fencing your property with coyote rollers and the correct height of fencing will deter them. Supervising your pets when in the yard and properly housing small farm animals or chickens will keep them safe. Avoiding leaving pet food outside and fallen apples or any kind of food that might be attractive near your house. Keep garbage in your garage. All of these precautions can help reduce the attractiveness of your house to the coyote. They do a great service by cleaning up moles, mice, rats, rabbits and squirrels to keep those creatures in balance in your area.

  • Joy Marley

    Killing coyotes is a great way to increase their population, not reduce it. People can coexist with coyotes if they are willing to exercise some good sense, which, apparently, they think they can forego and exercise their firearms instead! Its not so complicated: Supervise pets and stop leaving food outdoors. People are attracting mice and rats, which –duh! — attract coyotes.

  • Doug Rudy

    Perhaps the folks at FOX can pick up a copy of Coyote America by Flores and research the matter. And then convey the results to the hunters and small animal owners. BTW, I understand that coyotes will “go after” white tail deer that have Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). This may help control the spread of CWD. I have to say that the science behind this, according to a source that commented to a comment I made a while back, is that the prion that is the cause of the disease will pass through a coyote (and crows that eat carrion) and leave the prion in the soil through their droppings. Anyway, West Michigan hunters may want to know that coyotes may help control deer populations that are susceptible to CWD.

  • Summer Bridges

    Coyotes have expanded their range since Europeans starting trying to “control” their numbers hundreds of years ago. The killing might go on, but Coyotl will defy their efforts. That is my favorite thing about coyotes.

  • Melinda

    ERIK KOSTRZEWA, this is the most UNEDUCATED, misinformed reporting that I think I have ever seen. Do you live under a rock? Do you not follow all the States who now have bills on the table to ban coyote killing contests and all the campaigns to teach people how to co-exist with coyotes? Do you not know why that is? That is because people are FINALLY starting to listen to science. Only the alpha pair mate and have a litter. Kill the alpha female and guess what all the other females in the group do? Yep, you guessed it! They mate and have litters increasing the population. Guess what happens to the males in the group if the alpha male is killed? They struggle to establish dominance and this struggle frequently leads to a younger male getting ostracized from the group. That now lone young coyote, having to fend for himself, will often start showing bad behavior which can include domestic and farm animal attacks. If that’s not enough evidence for you not supporting and promoting the killing of coyotes, how ’bout this one…. ever heard of Chronic Wasting Disease? It’s a fatal disease that is killing ungulates and spreading like wildfire throughout the US. It’s a prion disease that will likely crossover to humans just like Mad Cow Disease did in the human form of Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease. Look it up. It’s a real problem, a threat to humans and in my opinion seriously downplayed by wildlife agencies. Coyotes and other predators are known to seek out and kill the infected deer when they do make a larger kill. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put two and two together. Predators can actually help control the rapid spread of CWD to deer populations. Save a coyote, save a deer and alas, save a hunter (and his family because CJD will more than likely start killing hunters and their families from eating tainted meat). You should be praising and worshipping coyote because they will be part of the reason you “sportsmen” can still “CONserve” nature by going to the woods to “ethically” kill deer. Hey, you might even NOT die from eating them!

  • Kit P

    I concur that this “journalist” is pathetically uninformed, or else is using this shameless media source to advance his own agenda. These “hunters” are not helping anyone! They do not care about our pets or livestock or our wildlife. Shame on state government employees who claim to be “science-based” while they ignore it and pander to special interests AT OUR EXPENSE!

    These DNR agencies today are screwing us all on our dime now. No ethics. NO science. Shamelessly desperate to recruit any psychopath that will give them a few measly bucks just to terrorize our wildlife, us, our lands and our rights. They are only surviving today due to OUR federal tax dollars.

    “Hunting” is on government welfare. Taking handouts. Just a socialist program full of hypocrites.

  • John F. Borowski

    When their populations are suppressed, their litters get up as high as 12 to 16 pups. You can reduce the numbers of coyotes in a given area by 70 percent but the next summer their population will be back to the original number? Coyotes eat rodents. They help to control prey species. Our war on predators has created a chronic wasting epidemic in deer. Now in 28 states. So tired of this misinformation.

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