Child found safe, 2 arrested after AMBER Alert in Paradise, Michigan

UPDATE: The child has been found safe and both suspects are now in custody of Michigan State Police.

PARADISE, Mich. -- Authorities have issued an Amber Alert for a 5-year-old who was abducted Wednesday night in Chippewa County.

Investigators say George Stephen Cunningham, 53, is believed to have abducted the 5-year-old child, identified as Zephaniau George Cunningham.

The child was abducted from the 9000 block of N. Whitefish Point Road in Paradise, Michigan around 7 p.m. Wednesday.

Police say George is 5'8, 165 pounds and wears glasses. He is believed to have a second adult with him.

He is said to be driving a 1986 Ford F-250 pickup truck camo in color with a MI plate of DQQ5813.

The child is described as 3 feet tall, 40 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes.

Anyone with information is being asked to call police at 906-495-3312 or call 911.


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  • J.B.

    4 alerts, one right after the other…no info… only check “social media”..WTF?
    And for the about the tenth time now…it is just some angry ex reporting the kids dad to the police…
    Who then hammer this “ALERT” button in the middle of the night….
    Ever heard of the boy who cried wolf?
    Not interested in playing “wharez yer daddy” once a week for every POS parent in this state.
    It was a great idea when instituted….but it is now just being abused by everyone involved IMHO.

    • Old Bob

      Try reading the article. You know, right in the beginning where it’s says 2 males abducted a child and ran from police.

      • J.B.

        You try reading the article again…
        It was the kids Dad…And it happened at 7:00pm.
        Why “4” alerts at around almost midnight? 5 hours after the fact?.
        Then just bang it 1’2’3’4 times?

    • David Foxx

      You are absolutely correct. It is why the alert is now off my phone after five, FIVE straight alerts that were nothing more than custody disputes gone awry. Was NOT what it was to be used for. The system was abused because stranger abductions are so rare so they had to justify it. There has even been one issued last year for a child that was an hour late from returning from visitation that was excusable due to accident. In this case, the police KNEW who had the kid, They knew the situation and the was no stranger-danger. That is what it was designed for. Please, someone post the last legitimate Amber Alert in Michigan. And before you go off on me, I had kids snatched by an ex against court order and she fled to Alaska. Cops knew who had them, where she went and everything, but refused to issue an alert, even in Alaska, because it was known who had them. So either they didn’t do it because I am the custodial male, or it was because the reason(Which was stated to me) the Amber Alert system is solely supposed to be for stranger abductions. System has failed and most have it turned off their phones now. Good job with crying wolf, again.

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