Beach Hazards and Air Quality alerts in effect for Thursday

MSP: Multiple notifications for canceled Amber Alerts on cell providers

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Michigan State Police say cellphone carriers are experiencing the issue causing people receiving multiple notifications for a canceled Amber Alert.

An MSP spokesperson says they issue Amber Alerts, but do not issue the alerts sent to phones.

Authorities request Wireless Emergency Alerts through the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, who then coordinate with local media and cellphone carriers.

MSP says it is on the individual carriers to send out the notifications, not investigators.

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1 Comment

  • J.B.

    Something is defiantly wrong with it..
    I get woke up thinking my fire alarm is going off..then maybe its a weather emergency or national disaster,terrorist attack etc..
    No..its this “amber alert” from someplace so far away that i have never even heard of it…5 hours after the fact,
    and then it just keeps going off over and over again..i try turning it off…thing still goes off 2 more times over the next hour.

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