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Relive the Dining with Dave segments with brackets!

FOX 17 – March Madness is here and while many people will be filling out brackets for the NCAA Tournament in coming days, we thought we’d make a tastier bracket to occupy our time over the next three weeks: The Dining with Dave Bracket.

We’d like our viewers who have enjoyed our segments since we began a little over a year ago, to vote for your favorites. You can watch all the past segments by clicking here.  Dining with Dave airs first on the FOX 17 Facebook page Thursday’s at Noon.

Download a PDF of the bracket by clicking here.

Voting will start on Monday, March 18 and there will be multiple matchups per day. We’ll post the polls on FOX17Online.com and they’ll run from 10:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. each day. They will not run on the weekends. The finals will be on Thursday, April 4, with the winner announced on Friday, April 5.

This all being said…there are no prizes. This isn’t a competition with winners and losers. We’re all winners here because we have some great eating options in West Michigan.

A few other notes:

  • Yes, we don’t have 64 entries. We only have 47 segments, as of next Thursday’s airing (Fabiano’s of Union City), and one location has closed. So, there are a few “byes” sprinkled through the bracket. Each “region” has 12 entries, except the “Northern Tier” which has 10.
  • Yes, you can make a case that we have a couple geographic “inconsistencies”. Remember, this is just for fun.
  • We are also not making any promises that the voting process is “fair” or that someone won’t figure out how to manipulate voting. Again, there are no winners or losers, so cheating doesn’t really matter.

So, have fun, cheer everyone on, and learn about all these great eateries. Dining with Dave will continue to take you inside a local restaurant every Thursday at Noon on the FOX 17 Facebook page. If you have a suggestion for a Dining with Dave location, email Dave at dkeller@fox17online.com .

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