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Missourians required to purchase an AR-15 under proposed law

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - A bill introduced in the Missouri general assembly is turning a few heads.

House Bill 11-08 filed in February by southeast Missouri Representative Andrew McDaniel would require all adults in Missouri between the ages of 18 and 35 to purchase an AR-15 style rifle. Tax credits would be provided to defray the cost of the weapon.

The bill does not currently have any scheduled hearings.

McDaniel said he introduced the bill to "make a point" about legal mandates and to show "the absurdity of the opposite side" and the "requirements and barriers for law-abiding citizens," according to the Associated Press.

Days after introducing the bill, McDaniel also proposed a similar measure requiring legally-eligible residents to purchase a tax-subsidized handgun, according to the Riverfront Times.


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  • Matt

    While it’s nice to support the right of self defense, and to point how it holds tyrannical government at bay. One has to stop and see that this is nothing short of tyranny. Taxes are collected through violent coercion of the government, laws and regulations are also enforced in the same way. One cannot support the individual if you are compelling people to purchase a product by threat of violence through law and then force your neighbors through violence to pay for that ill-gotten product with money that was gained through coercion.

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