Allegan program lets students earn college credits, degrees at no cost

ALLEGAN, Mich. (AP) — High school students in West Michigan have the opportunity to earn diplomas and associate’s degrees or pre-apprenticeships with up to 62 college credits at no cost.

The state’s Talent and Economic Development Department says professors at Lake Michigan College travel to teach at the Early College Allegan County program in Allegan, southwest of Grand Rapids.

The three-year program allows students to extend high school by one year. Upon completion, they are able to transfer credits earned from Lake Michigan College to a 4-year university, continue in their apprenticeships or join the workforce.

Early College Allegan County Dean Evy Houser says the program is huge for “underserved populations and first generation college students.”

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    • Matt

      You’re advocating legalized theft. Have you tried something called vulontary donations instead of expecting government to pay for this through coercion? Did you know the Kalamazoo promise is not paid through taxe? It relies on donations, a non violent model that anyone can adopt.

  • Matthew Bongers

    At no cost? You mean after tax money that was collected through threat of violence to pay for someone elses wants? Cool story bro.
    Nothing is free it all comes at a cost to another.

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