Teen stabbed about 100 times and set on fire in MS-13 murder, police say

STAFFORD, Va. — Five MS-13 gang members have been arrested in connection to the death of a 16-year-old whose mutilated body was found in Stafford County, Virginia, according to law enforcement.

The body of 16-year-old Jacson Chicas was discovered near a wooded area in the area of River Road around 4:30 a.m. Saturday.

Investigators now believe the gang turned on Chicas, a fellow member, stabbing him about 100 times and setting his body on fire, Prince George’s County Maj. Brian Reilly said at a press conference Friday.

On Thursday, investigators determined that Chicas was killed inside of a home in Prince George’s County, Maryland, during a gang meeting at the home of the clique’s leader on March 8.

At that meeting, for reasons which are under investigation, there was a confrontation, and the 16 year old was attacked and killed. 

The suspects then drove his body to Stafford County, where authorities found the burning corpse around 5 a.m. March 9, Reilly said.

Investigators were able to identify Chicas, who had been reported missing in Virginia, after they released a photo of a tattoo on his left arm.

Police believe the victim and the suspects are members of an MS-13 crew that operates in Fairfax County, but there leader, identified as Jose Ordonez-Zometa, lives in Prince George’s County. 

The five suspects, Jose Ordonez-Zometa, 29; Jonathan Castillo-Rivera, 20; Kevin Rodriguez-Flores, 18; Christian Martinez-Ramirez, 16; and Jose Hernandez-Garcia, 25, have been charged as adults. They face charges of first-degree murder and other related charges.

“He was stabbed around 100 times,” Reilly said. “That goes to how violent this attack was and how it wasn’t just one person who did this. The group turned on their own.”

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  • Fish

    Drop each one off a a different Democrats house and let them take care of these nice immigrants. They shouldn’t have anything to worry about because these nice people just want a better life in the US. You’ll probably have to get them over the fence Democrats house though……

    • Aaron Krenz

      Could you point out anywhere in that entire story where it refers to any of them as immigrants ? As far as I can tell from this article, they are all US citizens….

      • steve

        Who cares whether they’re illegal or not? What they did sure as hell was, and they need to be lined up and shot right now. No trial. No nothing.

      • Huh10345

        I think the point is they wouldn’t be here at all if they’re parents/themselves had never come. Think minority report. Obviously importing impoverished from other countries comes at a cost; generational bottom antics as demonstrated here. Personally, I feel people should meet a certain criteria to immigrate here. H1B1 made America great, and it would be a fine thing if we could slowly convert our country to a information based economy.

      • Fish

        I have a souce close to the investigation, they can only speak anonymously. They said at least 4 were immigrants and the media wont point that out because it will hurt their bogus efforts….. See what i did there

  • Rick

    This is the future America, keep your head in the sand and pay no attention to the evil flooding our country. Along with the explosions of communicable diseases and the fact we have added over 55 billion$ to our national debt in the last 2 1/2 months. Since 9/11/01 we have lost over 64000 Americans to illegals in the form of murder and enough fentenyl coming from countries that are directly KILLING and want to kill as many of us as possible.

  • LMS

    Wow, ignorance at its best reading these comments. Find your local White Supremacist meeting and get off the keyboard. Thank you Aaron Krenz for at least pointing out the obvious. Glad to see someone has some sense.

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