Amash talks spending, border wall at Grand Rapids town hall

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — U.S. Rep. Justin Amash held a town hall meeting Monday evening at Innovation High School in Grand Rapids.

He spoke on numerous issues, including bills he has recently introduced regarding eminent domain and the two-party system. 

The Grand Rapids Republican also addressed his opposition to President Donald Trump's request to declare an emergency in order to fund security at the border, explaining it has nothing to do with security, but principle.

Amash also said he would potentially be in favor of additional security at the U.S.-Mexico border. He just isn't OK with the executive branch being allowed to dictate how Congress spends money, adding that typically these types of emergency declarations are done in times where there isn't time for Congress to deliberate.

“The whole idea of having an emergency doesn’t make sense because Congress can handle this issue. It’s a legislative issue,” Amash said.

Because construction at the border could take years, Amash says Congress should be able to make fiscal decisions regarding the border. Amash also adds he feels the larger conversation should be about spending in general.

“I do think you fight hard on the overall spending number, and that’s worth a big fight,” Amash said.

Adding that the portion of the budget that funds a border wall is small in comparison, and his biggest concern is what he feels is the federal government's overspending.

“The overall funding is a disaster, and continues to be a disaster,” Amash said.

Amash says the overall amount of money the federal government is spending concerns him, and feels that is being left out of the conversation as people continue to discuss funding of the border wall.

Adding, again, that funding determination is up to Congress, not the president.

“This was clearly something that was intended to be a legislative power, the idea of appropriating money, and not something that is to be provided to the executive branch,” Amash said.

The crowd got to ask Amash plenty of questions, from everything regarding gun control to vaccinations.

Another town hall is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Pennfield High School auditorium.



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  • steve

    Letting Congress handle the issue legislatively is ideally fine. The only problem is that like most other issues ‘handled’ by the Congress, nothing will ever get done, especially when the Democrats and some Republicans are more intent on destroying the President than they are intent on benefiting the country. In the good old days we used to elect adults to make the important, legislative decisions for us in Washington. Sadly, those decisions today are often made by people that possess the maturity and wisdom of an adolescent.

  • Cindy Murphy

    We would like the Wall. We don’t need MS-13, gangs, drug cartels, Isis, sex traffickers, & other Terroist organizations attacking & Murdering Americans on their Soil. These Thugs are infiltrating with the refugees to get in this nation once they are in they will spill their violence towards Our people. Stop Hindering President Trump from trying to protect you & me from these wicked folks. There is a proper way to get into this country. My sister in law has filed for citizenship legally if she has to go through proper channels to be a full fledged American these folks need to be vetted & go through the process also. We can not Allow those who want to harm us in the country. It’s too late for Angel mom’s to get their loved ones back we need to protect the rest of the US citizens from any more casualties.

    • Matt

      Try advocating on stopping the war on drugs first that protects drug lords. Drugs coming across the border make up less than ten percent of the total drugs that come in through our ports. But what would a socialist like your self understand about freedoms when you advocate the government stealing land from private property owners to build a wall paid for by taxes stolen from all of us?
      But it’s freedom to you becuase your team is spending the money right? Your arguement is lacking and self defeating.
      The wall is a socialist ideal it slows down markets and stops the free flow of goods and ideas.
      You have been sold the classic big government lie “For your safety”

  • Stop the Maddness

    I wouldn’t give this RINO the time of day. If he can’t stand with the President then he doesn’t stand for me.

  • rg

    Government spending is out of control. There should be across the board real spending cuts of at least 10% every year until the budget is balanced.

  • Matt

    Wish we had more people like Amash that has the individual in mind and understands the importance of a free market and individual liberty.

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