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GRPD looking to ID suspects after downtown St. Patrick’s Day assault

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  — Grand Rapids Police are trying to identify four suspects in connection with a March 17 assault downtown that has left a man still unconscious.

GRPD posted  surveillance video on its Facebook page Wednesday of the incident on Ionia Avenue at Cherry Street SW.

It shows some men walking across the road when one of them sucker-punches the victim, knocking him out cold in the crosswalk.

Police say the man was taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Sgt. Dan Adams tells FOX 17 there is no evidence the person who threw the punch had a weapon in his hand when he struck the victim, but police aren’t ruling it out either.

Grand Rapids police say in the social media post, “Witnesses observed an unidentified male punch the victim before another suspect picked up what is believed to be the victim’s cell phone.”

Police say the four suspects fled by walking away from the crime scene. Investigators are now looking to identify the suspects in the video. And they ask anyone who can help them do that to contact Detective Lewis at 616-456-4469, or contact Silent Observer.

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  • Sillyoldme

    Certainly should be treated as a hate crime and possible manslaughter or murder, hopefully this man will recover. The sad additional act, let’s go back and steal his cell phone…. What a pathetic
    group of hateful individuals. Let’s see if the nay sayer associations investigating police behavior have any comments regarding these actions. Somehow, I expect we will hear crickets…,

  • Fish

    Remember cops, if you find these people you have to ask them very politely if they did this or not. If they say no then you have to leave them alone and go about your business. Also if they look under 14 you can ask him anything because they’re babies and they dindo nuffin wrong.

  • GRPD Proves to be Useless

    I was on Monroe Center about a year and a half ago. The date I was with and I saw two guys jump another one. They punched and kicked him while he was on the ground, then took his jacket. I called 911 and began following the guys, which wasn’t difficult to do because they went back past Rosa Parks Circle toward Fulton and Monroe. So they were out in a wide open area, and keep in mind this was a block from GRPD headquarters.

    The 911 dispatcher told me to just go back to the scene, which is where they ended up sending the squad car. GRPD and the dispatcher had no interest in and made zero effort toward actually catching the guys who did it, which could have easily been done, as I was looking right at them from about 50 yards away.

    So based on my experience, it seems the GRPD is only interested in IDing suspects when it can be done via the news and/or when cameras are involved.

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