Michigan bill would lower drunken-driving limit to 0.05

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Newly introduced legislation would make Michigan the second state to lower its drunken-driving limit to a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.05 percent.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving is supporting the House bill that was proposed by Democrats Thursday. It would drop the limit to 0.05 percent, from 0.08 percent — the limit in 48 other states.

Utah’s 0.05 threshold took effect in December.

MAAD President Helen Witty says critical driving skills are impaired at a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.05.

The sponsor, Democratic Rep. Abdullah Hammoud of Dearborn, says more must be done to prevent “a completely avoidable epidemic.” He points to how five Michigan family members were killed in January when a suspected drunken driver headed the wrong way on Interstate 75 in Kentucky.

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  • C

    Now there’s a hell of an idea. Lower the BAL to.05 for DUI, but people can get all buzzed up on the pot that all the promoters, including governments, are enabling and get behind the wheel. Makes perfect governmental sense.

    • Wayne James Adams

      This state has done nothing to reward it’s residents. I have read that we have the safest drivers in nation. The worst roads in nation. The highest insurance in the nation. It will soon be the highest gas tax in the nation. Damn lawmakers should remember who is funding their livelihood.

  • Real Evel Knievel

    Another Money Grab!!!! I don’t know why she’s bothering with the roads – no one will have a driver’s license.

    I’m gonna buy me a mini-bike, get all buzzed up on Milwaukee’s Beast and ride around my back yard like a madman! Without insurance!

  • J.B.

    Just another revenue stream for the state to tap Into… and squander.
    The idea that this is a public safety issue the state actually cares about is a joke.
    This is the same state that just legalized weed and has spent the last 20 years creating its very own doctor prescribed opiate epidemic, not to mention everyone doing 4 things on their cell phones while doing 75 mph..,,,
    yeah they are really worried about “impaired people” driving on the roads right?
    it’s all about yer $afety folks!…yuk yuk.

  • Rick

    C’mon gentlemen, we’ve gotta save our phony baloney jobs… harrumph….harrumph….!! Forget about the BAL!! Let’s talk about how you’ve pissed away all the money to maintain the roads!!! The BAL is just a diversionary tactic to take our attention away from the road issue! If they really want to make the roads safer, start vigorously enforcing the ban on texting, with no opportunity to plea it down.

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