Teachers say they were shot with pellets ‘execution style’ during active shooter drill

INDIANAPOLIS – During active shooter training, some Indiana teachers were “shot execution style” with “projectiles” that caused welts and bleeding, according to the Indiana State Teachers Association.

“They told us, ‘This is what happens if you just cower and do nothing,’” one teacher, who wanted to remain anonymous for fear of his job, told the Indianapolis Star. “They shot all of us across our backs. I was hit four times … It hurt so bad.”

The ISTA addressed their concerns about these drills in a series of tweets on Wednesday as members of the association testified in front of the Senate Education Committee.

“The teachers were terrified, but we’re told not to tell anyone what happened. Teachers waiting outside that heard the screaming were brought into the room four at a time, and the shooting process was repeated,” the ISTA said.

Members are requesting an amendment to House Bill 1004. The bill focuses on school safety and would provide school-based mental health services or social emotional wellness services to students. It also requires every school to conduct at least one active shooter drill each year.

The ISTA says they support the bill as “a positive step in addressing root causes of these school-based tragedies.” But they want an amendment added to it that would place reasonable limits on these drills.

“No one in education takes these drills lightly. The risk of harming someone far outweighs whatever added realism one is trying to convey here,” the ISTA said.

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  • Fish

    Wonder how bad it would hurt with real bullets? At least it was just training.
    Active shooter; “shooting people”
    Teachers; oh please stop, that will hurt.

      • On It

        How is it that your offensive post gets through? I have had numerous posts which awaited moderation for some reason or other, yet yours, sails through. Are you one of the liberal mods?!

    • Captain Sensical

      Okay fish, go get a pellet gun and give yourself some welts, bleeding, and bruising, if that’s business as usual in your world. Most teachers are not as stupid or masochistic as you. And maybe look up the word “drill” while you’re at it.

  • Kim H

    This is crazy, I do the Alice training (active shooter) we us Eva couple fake guns, with the “shooter” acting out the part and trying to locate a doctor to try to get the Norco he was out of, it was like real, we were all terrified enough for our adrenalin to get pumping! We sides actually need to be shot, perhaps the school district needs to hire a different company to do this training!

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