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Expert: Gas prices jump across Michigan

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Drivers in Michigan will start seeing increasing gas prices as the weather gets warmer.

Patrick DeHaan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, says the price hike is a result of oil refineries doing maintenance work and switching to a summer blend.

He says prices could rise as high as $3.20 per gallon through Memorial Day. However, he said prices will peak around the end of May and fall back to under $3 per gallon for the rest of the summer.

DeHaan said it’s difficult to follow traditional rules to save money at the pump, but recommends drivers stay aware of when prices are expected to jump and fill up before then.

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    • C

      That’s part of Halfwitmer’s plan. If both residents and tourists can’t afford to drive, there’ll be less wear and tear on the roads. So, just fill in the existing potholes and if new ones aren’t created, the problem’s fixed.

        • C

          As for the roads, the first step would be reduce the load limits on semis to be in line with other states. Then get rid of the asinine PIP insurance requirement and ask motorists to authorize channeling the savings to go toward road repair. That would be a start. As for your comment on Snyder and Flint, he didn’t cause it and his reaction was relying on erroneous information from the Flint government and underlings at the state level. And your comment about his poisoning the good people of Flint doesn’t even deserve a comment.

  • Jackie

    Well if gas prices keep going up, summer will be a quite one because there will be no tourists here because no one can afford to go away

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