Longer wait? Secretary of State check-in system down for nearly a month

From Mich. Sec. of State FB page

LANSING, Mich– A computer system designed to shorten the wait at dozens of Secretary of State branches has been out of commission for nearly a month after officials purposely took it offline.

The MI-Time system that allowed people to remotely check into line at 43 branches across the state was disabled back on February 28th. According to the Secretary of State’s office, the system was not accurately reflecting the wait time at those branches.

Now the company responsible for the software is working to recalibrate how wait times are calculated. They are using four undisclosed branches to allow the computer system to work out those changes. The Secretary of State’s Office says if the issue is fixed, then the ability to check-in ahead of time will be restored to all 43 branches that previously offered the service.

The part of the system that allows people to set an appointment time is still functioning for the branches that participate in the program.

The effort to resolve the problem is part of Secretary Jocelyn Benson’s campaign pledge to guarantee service within 30 minutes. She’s visiting all 131 branches in Michigan to speak with staff about issues specific each location.

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  • Papa

    For goodness sake, fix the Ionia office!!!!!!!!!!! That one is the worst I have ever seen regarding wait times. Last Sept, all I needed to do was change my address. I went online to do it, but was told they couldn’t mail my change of address label that affixes to the rear of the license, and to visit an office in person. I sat in the Ionia office for 45 minutes while exactly one person moved up in line. Frustrated, I got into my vehicle, drove from Ionia to Plainfield, (which was packed – lined up outside the building). Thankfully, Plainfield has the Express line, sort of a preliminary line. When I got to the front of the line, they changed my address, gave me the label, and registered me to vote in my new precinct. I drove back to Ionia, and just out of curiosity, stopped back in to Sec. of State to see how far the line had moved. I still would have had 12 people in front of me. This branch should just be shuttered, closed, locked up, and the workers sent home for not doing their jobs. I learned a rough lesson that day about my new community.

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