Teacher on leave following alleged “racially inappropriate language”

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A teacher is on administrative leave following allegations of using “racially inappropriate language” with students.

Spokesperson for the district, John Helmholdt, released a statement early Thursday saying, “Grand Rapids Public Schools recently received information regarding alleged unprofessional conduct exhibited by a teacher at Union High School.” They provided no further details as to what the teacher is accused of doing.

Helmholdt says the district is taking the allegations very seriously and that they do not condone any behavior that may be “racially motivated and in violation of our policies.”

Upon becoming aware of the allegations, the district says they immediately began an investigation and placed the teacher on paid administrative leave.  They say the teacher could be terminated based on the findings of the investigation.

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  • Monica

    C’mon Johnny Helmholdt stop all this frivolous racist garbage. Take a stand. Always quick to eliminate the one being accused whether the accusations are true or not. Then find out accusations are not true and too late teacher career and life are already screwed up. This country is in a terrible place rite now. Participation trophies for everybody.

  • C

    Hey, FOX17. How about having all the information about any incident like this before publication? It gives some people to form opinions based on non-information, and when those opinions are formed, they’re often not likely to change even after the whole truth comes out.

    • PoorMI

      Yes, this article is pure rubbish.
      In further news, an unnamed individual claims that he witnessed the new Governor donning blackface and performing a song and dance skit at a Virginia klan rally.

      See how that works?

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