Trump protesters gather at Rosa Parks Circle

GRAND RAPIDS Mich. — Hundreds of protesters gathered in Grand Rapids Thursday ahead of President Donald Trump’s rally at Van Andel Arena.

The Michigan Democratic Party held a Rise Above Rally to protest and call for solutions on several issues, including healthcare, education, immigration and more.

Richard Ojeda, a former West Virginia state senator and retired Army major, traveled to Grand Rapids to attend the rally.

Ojeda, a Democrat, said he voted for Trump in the 2016 election. Now, he’s speaking against him.

“Well I think, it didn’t take very long to realize that every he was saying during his campaign — he didn’t mean,” Ojeda said.

He said he wants Michigan voters to do more than just vote.

“My message (to Michigan voters) is: your vote in 2020 is all you have to do,” he said. “You’ve gotta get out there and you have to educate people. We cannot let this country fall, and right now, that’s exactly the direction we’re going.”

Additional speakers also took to the stage, as well as a ventriloquist and singers.

Prep started at around 1:30 pm for the protest in Rosa Parks Circle. There was also a second, organized protest near the Van Andel Arena during the afternoon.

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  • steve

    The Democrat Party is holding this rally on public property. Who in the city administration authorized this? I’d never do it, but if I wanted to hold a peaceful Klan rally next week would I be able to get a permit as well? No, and I shouldn’t. But, what’s the difference? None.

    • MAGA

      How about an anti-Whitmer or anti-Bliss rally. Doubt if you could do that, either.

      But Democrats run the place now, and the only “inclusiveness” allowed is if you find low their narrative.

  • C

    By permitting this at Rosa Parks Circle, the city is giving the impression of endorsing an anti-Trump sentiment. No surprise, though.

  • DaMailman

    Wife listened to Richard Ojeda on WOOD Radio this morning. Said he sounded like a squirrel’s wet dream before they cut him off.

  • Pop your balloon

    President Trump wants to raise taxes on healthcare, wasn’t obamahusseincare a tax program who’s the one who needs an education?
    What’s up with that stupid balloon, that shows your mentally and maturely, but hey there’s a ventriloquist here because who doesn’t like to listen to dummy?

  • Truth

    What a fool this guy is, from what I can see, the President has done, or is driving hard against the baseless opposition, to do what he has said he is going to do.
    President Trump has been wildly successful, despite battling a coup, from the very people we trust to protect the integrity of law. He has succeeded, and is on a path to success, even with the spineless politicians, that we pay to make our lives better, have resisted him at all turns. They have lied about him, distorted the truth at every turn, and yet he prevails!
    It is people like this protester who are destroying our country, with your BS

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