Officials urging parents to vaccinate after measles outbreak

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Health officials are asking parents to make sure their children are vaccinated after a measles outbreak in southeast Michigan.

There are now 34 confirmed cases of measles, and health agencies are urging everyone to be cautious before hitting the road for spring break.

“It is in southeast Michigan, but we all know how mobile everyone is,” said Mary Wisinksi, Kent County Health Department immunization supervisor. “Could they be coming here to visit Meijer Gardens for spring break? Could someone from Grand Rapids be going to that part of the country together at whatever attraction is over there for spring break?”

Wisinski says the best protection from measles is getting the MMR vaccine.

Kristen Montroy is a mother and former teacher who chose to get her kids vaccinated after doing some research.

“You gotta weigh your options and be diligent about the information you’re getting and where you’re getting it from and weighing your risks,” she said. “But for me, there is no question.”

Montry homeschools her children, but said she wouldn’t send them to a public school with unvaccinated students.

“If we were to send our kids to a public school and there were even a small minority of kids that aren’t vaccinated, we wouldn’t go to that school.”

Wisinski said Measles is highly contagious, and anyone who isn’t vaccinated and is in the same room as someone with the illness has a 90 percent chance of contracting it.

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  • Sw

    After you contract measles you have a life time immunity….. Robert Kennedy has so much information worh reading and watching. What ingredients are in these vaccines ??? What are the side effects ?? This is money driven and so unfortunate!

  • J

    It’s funny how you are scaring people about the measles but in the 60s and 70s we had the Brady Bunch family and Flintstones family showing that the measles are nothing to be scared of the end. Here are some numbers you should be telling the people Autism rates for 3343 patients at integrative pediatrics This pediatric is not against vaccines he follows the Vaccine friendly plan his number with his safe vaccine Plan 1/440 compared the the CDC scheduling 1/45 getting autism his none Vaccine patients 1/715 got autism if there is anybody out there I would like to debate this I would be willing to do this in a public forum as well most people think of Bill Gates they think Microsoft they don’t think the largest producing vaccine company in the world! We need more love in this world not vaccines

  • Rj

    We all but had these communicable things stomped out 20yrs ago, all one has to do is look at how these outbreaks are happening around the world to figure it out, mass migration. It’s a proven fact when you move mass amounts of people around the world they spread diseases. The description given about about people traveling during spring break admits what’s happening instead of everyone blaming AMERICANS for not vaccinating there kids.

  • j

    ROB MONTROY I’m still looking for your data are you two uneducated enough to know what the definition of data is ? I’d be willing to bet you believe in the flu shot too and are probably overweight and probably believe you live in a democracy where your vote actually mean something And Florida is good for your teeth lol I Can only lead a horse to the water I can’t make him drink

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