Several arrests made in East Lansing following MSU’s loss to Texas Tech

EAST LANSING, Mich. — Police made several arrests in Cedar Village apartment complex and along Grand River Avenue, late Saturday night. East Lansing police have yet to release information about those arrests. However, the detainments occurred after Michigan State University’s men’s basketball team lost to Texas Tech in the Final Four.

Fans, including hundreds of students, gathered on the streets shortly after the end of the game. The crowd moved from Cedar Village onto Grand River Avenue and blocked traffic. Law enforcement, who showed a heavy presence throughout the day, blocked the road on both sides of the crowd before dispersing it.

Several mid-Michigan law enforcement agencies patrolled East Lansing Saturday and into early Sunday morning.

East Lansing police are expected to release more information about the arrests and various disturbances in the coming days.

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  • On It

    When the Texas Tech coach got back to the locker room, the team was waiting, quietly, for him to lead them in a team prayer. The lame stream media couldn’t cut away fast enough. They returned to the shot minutes later, & the team was still in a moment of quiet praise, although standing this time. The media cut away quickly. That is the difference. Leadership to not be thugs.

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