Gov. Whitmer creates council to advise her on public education

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is creating a state council of educators to advise her and make recommendations related to Michigan’s public education system.

The Democrat issued an executive order Thursday establishing the Governor’s Educator Advisory Council within the state Education Department. It will have 15 voting members, including teachers, administrators, counselors, specialists and support staff.

Whitmer says the step will “finally” give educators a seat at the table to help develop policies that benefit students. The deadline to apply to be on the council is April 19.

She wants the council to identify and analyze issues impacting the effectiveness of the education system, identify best practices, recommend improvements and review and make recommendations regarding relevant legislation.

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  • bob

    The state council of educators will be filled with democrat union teacher. They will develop policies that benefit teachers, not students

    • steve

      Bob, I used to be a teacher many years ago. Even back in the 70s, the Democrats had public school teachers in their back pocket.

  • Augster

    “Teachers will finally have a seat at the table of policy”. LOL! I hope she was at least fair in choosing the members fairly: 50% NEA and 50% AFT. Now that’s a fair and balanced council!

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