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Herbal supplement kratom is tied to more US deaths

NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. health officials say overdose deaths involving the herbal supplement kratom are more common than previously reported.

A government report released Thursday said kratom was a cause in 91 overdose deaths in 27 states. Officials previously said they knew of 44 nationally.

Most who died had also taken heroin, fentanyl or other drugs. But kratom was the only substance detected in seven of the deaths.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported the numbers after combing through death certificates and toxicology reports from an 18-month period.

Kratom comes from a plant native to Southeast Asia. It is sold in capsules and powders with claims that it helps ease pain, anxiety and drug dependence.

Officials say it causes euphoric effects like the opioid drugs behind the current nationwide overdose epidemic.

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  • Veronika Connors

    If I were able to create a number of lives saved based on documentation by those who claim that compared to those claims of deaths the numbers would be 1000/1 but we aren’t allowed to make those claims. Our government won’t be happy till they have us all medicated to death or removed from meds praying for death because there are no alternatives. In fact if you’re reading this comment and it’s has saved or changed your life for the better please leave a comment under mine with a simple saved or changed and where you are from I think these people would get a better idea what we are dealing with!

  • Iamme Wilson

    BS . I find Zero evidence documenting that nothing other than Kratom directly caused any deaths. If you have a heart attack do they say alcohol was the cause if someone had a drink in them. Quit lying FDA on behalf of Big Pharma.

  • Ross Watson

    This is absolute lies from the FDA! My husband and I have taken kratom for 2 years & we’re both healthy. There are no hallucinations, no high, no breathing problems like that are associated with FDA approved narcotic pain meds! FDA doesn’t want us taking it because it cuts into their profits from Suboxone & Methadone. Pure unadulterated kratom is perfectly safe!

  • Kazz

    If they were so dangerous, I’d be dead already. I’ve had kratom that was stronger than a previous type I’d tried before, and I pretty much ODed, but it didn’t kill me, it made me a little dizzy and queezy, and it was over in under an hr. Otherwise, it has been a LIFE SAVER for me. I’m a chronic illness sufferer and chronic pain sufferer. The pain meds I was on (morphine and percocet) didn’t really help my pain, just made me tired and zombie like. I was so high and bogged down all the time! I hated it after a while, and when my meds were cut off from the crack down, I was actually relieved! I was physically addicted, it was hard coming off of it, I wish I’d known about kratom then. Many have said it relieves the anxiety and restlessness of the withdrawals. I at least had a medical marijuana card, so that helped tremendously. I’ve been clean for 6 yrs now and thanks to kratom pain free most of the time. It’s been much easier for me to get things done around my house, I may even get back to work again. I’ve been out of commission for the last 8 yrs because of my illnesses, it would be nice to get back to work. If these people keep spreading misinformation, and printing FLAT OUT LIES, I will lose ALL that I’ve finally gotten back since getting sick 8 yrs ago! I will no longer continue to progress, and I will be left to suffer with no relief and stuck on social security. This herb has LITERALLY GIVEN ME MY LIFE BACK. Idk what else to say…

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