Family’s ‘flighty’ peacocks on the loose in Hastings

HASTINGS, Mich. — You often hear about cats or dogs on the loose, but a Barry County family has found themselves in a different kind of predicament.

About two weeks ago, a neighbor called them with an unusual sighting: a group of peacocks.

"We get a call that there were four or five peacocks spotted, and it's just about three miles from us," said Kinsley Poll. "We drove to them, and they had already left."

The flighty creatures have been spotted throughout the Hastings area, but each sighting has proven to be a false alarm.

"They are really hard to catch, it's just horrible," said Poll.

The Polls have owned the peacocks for about three years. In that time, they've roamed freely. Up until two weeks ago, they were always content enough to stay.

"They're probably in some trees somewhere, just hiding from everybody," said Poll. "They're really good at it."

Kinsley Poll and her family have been using social media to spread the message about the birds' disappearance. Many in the community have messaged or called to report sightings.

By the time she makes it to their last known location, however, the birds are already onto another adventure.

"I want to find all of them, and I want them all to be fine," said Poll. "We care for all of our animals, so I'd like to see them back and safe and not hurt."


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