Local man defying the odds at Boston Marathon

We first introduced you to Nick Nieboer back in February when he was training  to hand cycle at the Boston Marathon. We caught back up with him before he left to get a closer look at just how far he has come. Nieboer was born with spina bifida. “My spinal cord is disconnected at a certain point in my back. There are surgeries you can maybe do to fix that, but it’s a lot of money and I`m happy with the way I am. It makes me more unique,” he said.

Neiboer has embraced who he is and set the bar high to reach his full potential.  “It`s a dream come true. It really is. I never would have thought that I would have something like this happen to me,” he said.

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1 Comment

  • Ryan Krygier

    I read this story here, and it is a good story of someone with / living with Spina Bifida / being active. But there are some “misleading / wrong things” in the article about what Spina Bifida and if (that) Spina Bifida “can” or “cannot” be fixed on someone who is “already (here) born.” Spina Bifida can “only” (may) be able to be improved “to a point” on babies (expecting moms), yet to be born. This can only be (done) try to help repare Spina Bifida with “in Utro Surgery”. where the baby (Fetus) is partially removed from the Uturs and the (otherwise baby born with a open spine, at a curtain level example L4/L5) is surgically closed and the baby then put back into the Utrus, and pregnant mom them continues to carry pregnancy as long as possible. Many having this surgery have their babies (baby) born earlier then nine months, and also have to a C-Section Delivery. But these babies (mothers) having this operation, have babies with Spina Bifida, who (the babies) have “less wrong” then “otherwsie” babies (moms with Spina Bifida affected pregnancies) otherwise would have wrong / Spina Bifida level “if not” having the operation for Spina Bifida in Utro. i have (started / administrate) the FB Page (group): Everyone Being Aware of Spina Bifida. (Anyone can and is encouraged to look up the page / group, and request to be added tot he page / group. Everything stated here (above) is backed up on the page / group. Anyone and everyone (no need to have or no anyone with Spina Bifida), please look up and request the page / group. Ryan Krygier

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