Michigan AG Nessel pledges to not prosecute abortions if Roe is reversed

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel says if the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision is overturned, she won’t enforce state laws on the books that ban abortion.

The Democrat told a Planned Parenthood conference Tuesday that it’s “likely” the 1973 ruling legalizing abortion will be reversed. But she says “we can and we will fight back.”

She pledges to never prosecute a woman or her doctor for terminating a pregnancy.

Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer also spoke at the meeting in Lansing. She pointed to a new Ohio law that would ban most abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected. Similar legislation has passed in Georgia.

Whitmer says if Michigan’s Republican-led Legislature moves similarly, abortion rights activists have “a powerful backstop in a veto from my office.”

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  • Bud

    So the head law officer for the State of Michigan is telling us she will not comply with U.S. Law.
    Ms. Nessel must tender her resignation.

  • steve

    A true Democrat. She believes that her personal beliefs supersede state laws. And, her colleague, Governor Whitless, says that she’ll support her decision. Does this surprise anyone?

  • Paul Kovalak

    So our chief law enforcement officer gets to decide which laws she will enforce and which ones she will not enforce? That alone should get her thrown from office!

  • C

    “WE can and WE will fight back”. That’s her talking as a female, not as an Attorney General. In case she forgot, or doesn’t really care, the people elected her as Attorney General, not as a judge.

  • J.B.

    So….if this might maybe happen, happen sometime in the future possibly…I already made my mind up to disregard this theoretical federal law change and our governor supports me…

    You have got to be kidding me…
    I have an idea..stick with trying to do your job..today..
    And waste less time prancing around trying to make a political statement about some odd chance that the stars align and you and your blazing femininity can take a ridiculous stance about “choosing” to not do your job of enforcing the law.

    Houston….We have a problem.

  • Not racist not violent but no longer silent

    So she’s not going to uphold the law as the top cop? Oh and despite her constituents wishes filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration and the wall. Please Dana.. listen to what the people want. Not what you want

  • 5star5

    Another law enforcement claiming they’re above the law. Being an example to Citizens: not to follow laws when disagree. Way to go voters. Some of these women are giving all women in the world a bad rap.

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