Jury takes 10 minutes to convict man who said he didn’t need deer license


ONTONAGON, Mich. (AP) — It didn’t take a jury much time to decide the case of an Upper Peninsula man who was hunting deer without a license.

Ron Ehinger of Ontonagon County claimed he didn’t need a license based on the “laws of nature.”

The Daily Globe in Ironwood reports that a jury needed just 10 minutes to determine that the laws of Michigan applied instead.

The 68-year-old Ehinger was convicted Thursday of two counts of taking a buck with eight antler points or more. He could be ordered to pay thousands of dollars in penalties.

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    • steve

      Papa, you can’t have a treaty involving the state of Michigan in 1836. Michigan didn’t become a state until 1837, a year later.

  • Matt

    If the jury was educated they could have exercised their rights of nulifacation to end bad laws like this. You do not need permission from the crown to hunt. Practice nulifacation of bad laws at any point it’s the only way individuals can tell big government NO!
    If it pleases the crown may I hunt for food nstead of being coerced to paticipate in a vulontary market?

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