Bethany Christian Services flips LGBT adoptions policy after settlement

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — A major faith-based foster care and adoption contractor for the state of Michigan is reversing its policy and will place children with same-sex couples to comply with a legal settlement.

Bethany Christian Services and the state confirmed the change Monday.

Bethany Christian Services says while it is “disappointed” with how the settlement has been implemented, it will nonetheless reverse its policy so it continues foster care and adoption work for the state.

As of February, Bethany Christian Services was responsible for 1,159 of 13,489, or more than 8%, of cases of children under state supervision.

Democratic Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s recent settlement prevents faith-based agencies from refusing to put children in LGBT homes for religious reasons. St. Vincent Catholic Charities sued last week to challenge the deal.

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  • Rj

    Quit calling these progressives democratic, they are progressing to what ? Socialists and communism. Making BS place kids in harms way will comeback to haunt them in the future and the lawsuits won’t hit those who made the laws it will be BS fault

  • Rj

    Quit calling these progressives democratic, they are progressing to what ? Socialists and communism. Won’t be long and we will see all illegals getting Drivers licenses thru this progressive trio installed in Michigan and we can all kiss this state goodbye

  • Karen Wiebenga

    I think this is a terrible mistake. Bethany Christian is a Christian service, and should be doing what the Bible says. 😢

    • Annette Shelley

      I think it is wonderful that 2 adults are taking on the responsibility of a child that is not theirs biologically and loving them. The child was created by man and woman. It was given up on by both mother and father. As long as it goes to a loving home I refuse to judge who they love. LOVE is what a child needs. It needs their mother and father, but when both parents have given up on the child it is a wonderful thing for someone to love it as their own.

      • Augster

        I think it’s wonderful too that a kid with Down’s Syndrome wants to drive a fire truck and save the people in his community. BUT WE DON’T LET HIM DO IT!

  • Common cents

    This anti Christian attorney general needs to be removed from office soon. These kids deserve a mother and s father.

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