Trump says ‘nobody disobeys’ him, has no impeachment worries

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump says that “nobody” disobeys his orders, a reference to the Mueller report, which paints a deeply unflattering picture of his presidency.

Trump made the comments Monday during the annual Easter Egg roll when asked by reporters about special counsel Robert Mueller’s portrayal of a White House in which staffers often ignore the president’s orders.

The report suggested that some of those refusals helped protect the president from himself.

But Trump insisted Monday that: “Nobody disobeys my orders.”

Trump was also asked whether he was worried about impeachment, a talking point among some liberal Democrats.

His reply? “Not even a little bit.”

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  • Independent Voter

    Trumputins criminal behavior – attempting to obstruct justice – was detailed explicitly, at least 10 times, by Mr. Mueller. And if you actually bothered to READ THE REPORT instead of taking your talking points from Faux News/Hannity/Rush, you’d see that the only reason the Dotard didn’t successfully obstruct justice is because his aides/legal counsel REFUSED to carry out his illegal orders.

    So, again, Don the Con tells another BLATANT lie. That would be somewhere in the range of 9,500 lies ± 100 or so. Basically 10,000 lies since taking office, proven attempts to obstruct justice, won’t release tax returns, won’t respond to legal subpoenas by US Congress, won’t have mexico pay for the wall, won’t not grab women by the pussy…. but dolts still want to resort to the “but, but, Obama/Hillary” default nonsense when anyone points out the moral, ethical and criminal depravity of the Dotard.

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