West Michigan farmers raise $20K for Nebraska flood aid

HOPKINS, Mich. -- Farmers from West Michigan began raising funds to help those devastated by floods in Nebraska. In less than two weeks, the group raised over $20,000.

Over Easter weekend, the convoy traveled to three different cities in Nebraska: Fremont, Schuyler and Platte Center. They delivered supplies including fence posts, hay, straw and a variety of other tools.

When the convoy made it to their first destination, residents in Nebraska were shocked and grateful.

"They just couldn't believe that people would travel 700 miles to help people that you don't even know," said Kerry Tucker. "We didn't know who any of those people were until we went out there. Now, we've become really great friends with them."

More than 30 people traveled on the convoy, including children who met with other Nebraska kids involved with Future Farmers of America.

Gavin Gouker joined his father on the trip. Gouker dressed up as an Easter bunny to greet children in Nebraska.

"It was just a good thing for the kids to see," said Gavin Gouker. "We thought we would do something nice for the kids, and I think it kind of brightened up the kids' day."

The group also delivered more than 200 Easter baskets, filled with candy and other goodies.

"They kind of said that West Michigan people know how to pull every stop out, to make it really count," said Jeff Gouker, Gavin's dad. "That's what we're there for, to be there for people and uplift their spirits and try to help them come through."

Even though the group returned from their first trip, they are still collecting funds. They are planning to potentially go out to Nebraska for a second trip.

If you'd like to donate, you can get in touch with the group through their Facebook page.



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