Videos released in arrest of veteran at Butterworth Hospital

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Body camera videos from the arrest of an American citizen that was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement for several days have been released.

Jilmar Ramos-Gomez was arrested in Grand Rapids on Nov. 21, 2018 after police were called to Spectrum Butterworth Hospital regarding an individual reported to have started a fire in a stairwell and attempted to gain access to a helipad on the roof.  Ramos-Gomez was later released from the Kent County jail to be immediately detained by immigration officials.

The videos released Friday show officers arriving on scene and being briefed by hospital security staff. An unnamed officer says, "we get into the stairwell where the fire alarm went off and he was trying to set off our sprinkler heads." Somebody says they believe Ramos-Gomez gained access to the stairwell by following an employee through a locked door.

Security officers in the video tell Grand Rapids police they believe Ramos-Gomez was able to get out onto the helipad after destroying a keypad, "we were trying to figure out how the hell he got out there because all the doors are locked all the way up. Well, when he pulled the pull station up on 12 floor, the doors unlock, so he was able to get to here."

Officers on scene asking each other, "have you talked to the guy? Is he crazy?"  Another responds, "I wouldn’t go that far… but he seems a little.. he says he was in the military, says he was just trying to get out, got locked in the stairwell."

Ramos-Gomez was charged with kidnapping and damaging a fire alarm.  After being released from the Kent County Jail, he was detained by ICE.  A captain with GRPD was later put on a temporary administrative leave over his communications with ICE.  The captain was later reinstated with the force.

At a sentencing back in March, Ramos-Gomez received no additional jail time. He had already served 24 days in jail. He will also be required to pay court fines and restitution.

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