Note reading “whites only” found in high school bathroom


Bremen (WGCL) — Officials at Bremen High School are investigating after someone found a racist note inside a bathroom on Thursday.

The note that read, “WHITES ONLY; If not, use other bathroom,” was found inside the bathroom. Treavor Smith, the student who found the note, posted it to social media and says the note speaks to a bigger problem.

“I brought this to light because it’s not the first time that racism has taken over our school,” said Smith.

School officials say 90 percent of the students in the Bremen city school district are white while 8 percent are black.

The superintendent and principal of the school say racism is unacceptable and whoever wrote the note faces suspension or a move to an alternative school.

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27 APR 19 14:39 ET

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  • steve

    The way things are these days, I’d be looking at the offended individual possibly as the source as the offensive message. There seems to be a lot of ‘look at me’ cases like this in recent years.

  • lml25

    Agree,many black churches burned are in fact, burned by blacks. A lot of race hoaxes out there–designed to create lawsuits and easy money.

    • C

      Even worse than the lawsuits and money, is that the racial divide in the country gets wider and wider every time it happens. I generates more racism, not diminishing it. But then, maybe that’s exactly what some people want.

      • lml25

        The races ARE different.Check out SAT scores.Watch how blacks and whites act in sports.Many other obvious examples of behavior–criminality,responsibility for taking care of kids,work ethic.Other than that,we’re all the same…lol.

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