Two West MI school districts deal with threats on social media

EAST GRAND RAPIDS/MARTIN, Mich. – Police in two West Michigan communities dealt with threats to schools on Monday.

East Grand Rapids Schools administrators sent an email to parents Monday that students at the high school informed them of a threat on Instagram that a person was going to shoot up the school. The school and police investigated and found the student who posted the threat. They say they were quickly able to determine that the student posed no danger or threat to the school.

Meanwhile, a parent reported seeing a threat to the Martin Public Schools on social media Monday morning. The district and the Allegan County Sheriff investigated and also determined that there was not a credible threat to the students.

There was no word on any arrests in either situation.

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1 Comment

  • C

    I wish that the system would stop wet nursing the individuals that commit these crimes. If and when they are caught and found guilty, don’t slap them on the wrist. Put them in jail for a few years, no plea bargains.

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