Muskegon business offering jobs for men and women out of jail

MUSKEGON, Mich. - The 490 Bakery is making life sweeter for for men and women returning home from prison, giving them transitional employment to rebuild life skills both in and outside the workplace.

Owner Davine Calkins not only specializes in cookies, her hidden passion is to train and raise great leaders while uncovering the talents in both men and women they hire.

The 490 Bakery is currently operates out of Kitchen 242 at the Muskegon Farmer's Market, giving previous incarcerates the chance to work in the kitchen while discovering their full potential. They've partnered with MSU Extension which supplies their makers in the kitchen with a mentor and a great deal of coaching in the food industry.

"People aren’t always ready to jump right back into 40-hour work days after time served," said Calkins. "Many are lacking basic life skills that need to be learned in a safe setting."

Which is why Calkins and her husband are devoting their time and efforts to not only craft delicious cookies, but give former inmates the skills they need to move on to other opportunities in employment and become comfortable with the 40 hour work week.

“With a purchase at The 490 Bakery, you help enable our mission to bring hope to those struggling with poverty, addiction and the trauma of incarceration. These individuals, once given the chance, can contribute in a meaningful way to help their family as well as their community, said Calkins”
Cookies can be ordered online at Packages of 7 cookies are $8.99 or 13 cookies for $15.99. You can also order custom cookies over the phone at 231.329.2756.

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