Pure Michigan album will bring state parks to listeners


DETROIT (AP) — Outdoor enthusiasts soon will be able to appreciate 10 of Michigan’s state parks from their headphones.

Tourism brand Pure Michigan is set to release an album that blends ambient sounds recorded at state parks with music from Michigan artists. Listeners will be able to stream the full album, “Pure Sounds of Michigan,” starting May 22.

The collaboration with Detroit recording studio Assemble Sound features 10 tracks that capture moments in Michigan’s nature, from beach waves to indigenous birds.

The track “Childhood Memories” includes sounds of children playing in Petoskey State Park alongside music composed by John Beltran. The single was released ahead of the album last month.

Beltran, who’s been composing music since 1991, said he was excited to be involved in the project.

“There are some great songs, great artists on here,” he said of the album.

Kaylan Waterman, operations manager of Assemble Sound, said each composer was given a set of field recordings captured from all over Michigan.

Waterman said, “it was amazing to see each artist approach their composition in a different way, leading to a beautifully cohesive yet sonically diverse album.”

Dave Lorenz, vice president of Travel Michigan, said the album will spark emotion and memories.

“Michigan is a special place for so many, including the artists and collaborators that brought this project to life, and the result is much more than just the sounds of waves crashing,” Lorenz said. “It’s truly a one-of-a-kind album that transports listeners to everything Pure Michigan stands for.”

The album will be available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Google Play.

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