Comprenew gives recycled & retired electronic devices new life

Electronics like computers, phones, and other devices don't belong in landfills. Some are aware of this fact, but keep stock piling them up because they just don't know what to do with all their broken or out-dated technology.

Comprenew is a place where they not only recycle electronics and help the planet, but they help at-risk populations establish themselves with employment.

We went over to their establishment in Grand Rapids to learn more about the daily operations that take place at Comprenew.

Comprenew in Grand Rapids is located at 629 Ionia Avenue South West.

To learn more about their services, call (616)-451-4400. Find more locations in the West Michigan area at

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1 Comment

  • ok

    these people are so fos . non profit ,yes . but they the owners have a big fat salary check . overpriced on all the used stuff they sell . one of the biggest scams in GR.

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