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No new trial for woman convicted of killing husband

Glenna Duram, during her trial

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A woman convicted of murdering her husband has had her request for a new trial denied by the state’s court of appeals.

Glenna Duram was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison for killing her husband, Marty Duram, in 2015 at their Sand Lake home.

The appeal claimed prosecutors violated Duram’s rights when they used data extracted from cellphones as evidence in the case.

Court records show the phone’s user used the internet browser to visit several pages related to Ruger guns. The titles of the pages included “Ruger Inside and Out, “Ruger Safety Bluebook,” and “Ruger New Model Single-Six, Single Action Revolvers.”

The appeal claims the page titles are “hearsay” and created an unfair prejudice. Judges disagreed with each of the claims made in the appeal and denied the request for a new trial.

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  • Clementine J CORTEZ

    Well I think the daughter that took the money with the envelope had something to do with it as well as the brothers, Why they lied and that smirk she has on when she said they took the money. Why should they be believed , Is she old enough along with the three now to take a lie detecter test. Of course she would have nothing nice to say along with the brothers they dont want the finger pointed at them. And why didnt the dectectives find the letters if they searched before the kids were allowed to go get belongings it’s there word against The accused, And they took the money those letters could of been written before by the accused husbands wife she just doesnt remember , she says she might of but they could be older, And the parrot really said stuff a month later, That would be plenty of time for those kids to teach it theses words, And maybe that is why the daughter is relieved the wife is found guilty. Poor detective work.

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