Donations dumped outside Jenison Goodwill over weekend

GEORGETOWN TOWNSHIP, Mich. — A rash of donations left the Goodwill location in Jenison to pick up the pieces that were left behind over the weekend.

The building is closed on Sundays, but that didn’t stop people from dropping off donations outside, creating a pile of unwanted items.

By Monday morning, many of the donations had been gone through before employees got a chance to sort through them, a situation Goodwill says could have easily been avoided.

“If you come to a Goodwill location after hours and you see that we’re not open at a specific location — we have 19 locations — so there’s 18 other locations and usually they’re within a pretty close radius to one another, so you can just make your way to another Goodwill location,” said Jill Wallace, Goodwill Industries of Greater Grand Rapids spokesperson.

Wallace said Goodwill has tried an after-hours donation bin in the past, but they tend to fill up quickly and that leads to things being strewn around like this weekend’s incident.

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  • dace

    “Well, we moved out of our 1 bed apartment and into our new double-wide and what to do with the junk we don’t want? Let’s dump it at Goodwill and let THEM determine what’s goodwill or not”
    Lazy rabble.

    • Bonnie Foote

      Well for one thing if it’s JUNK why would any place want it . So frickin put it in the trash. There are sure some stupid people in this world.

  • MKH

    The Mel Trotter mission around the corner from there has a secure outside donation bin for smaller items, clothes etc.

  • Jane

    This isn’t anything new. Go to any donation center on the weekend and you can’t see the door. The Goodwill on Alpine would have it’s entire drive up area filled with weekenders stuff. Unfortunately, most people do move, clean, whatnot on weekends.

  • Britt

    Goodwill isn’t the best charity to donate to anyhow, and it seems even less appreciative of the donations.

  • Justin

    This is a story? My wife works at The Salvation Army and that picture doesn’t even come close to what their back door looks like on a Monday morning.

  • MJ

    So the place that makes its CEO’s $12M hefty living off of free donations is upset with getting weekend free donations—and seemingly more bothered that people in actual need went through it before they got there to charge them? Okay…

  • Lee

    They get their product for free, pay their employees less than minimum wage and don’t pay tax on the money made, yet they’re still whining. Pick it up, keep what you want toss what you don’t.

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