Did you see it? A green light spotted in the sky

Grand Rapids, MICH -- Reports are coming in of the sky being lit up by a gradual green light. Some are saying it was a green orb or object and it was seen by some, as far as Ohio.

A home security camera captured the moment in Whitehall, Michigan around 12:44 a.m. Anthony Chingman & Emily Weber shared that video on our Fox 17 Facebook page.

If you have seen it or have pictures of the event, please share what you saw in the comments.

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  • Krista

    Seen this tonight in Holland, MI…was outside and all of a sudden a big ball of fire was going across the sky, most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen yet vary bazar!

    • Kurt Stuttman

      I was just looking up as I was taking my dog off the zip line at approximately 12:47 am. There was a fireball with about 2 companions with the lead (or main) object. With about 3 or 4 objects trailing the lead object. This was in the west from my vantage point traveling southward at a fairly steep angle. The objects were shimmering in the mostly green spectrum. It resembled very much the look of a spent fireworks rocket. I only got the last second or 2 glimpse of it. I reported it some minutes later to the American Meteor Society website.

  • Kay Newtson

    Did anyone in Denver see something unusual in the sky out to the west of town????? From my balcony it was large with reddish in color, went to grab my camera and came back and it was gone, but when I was looking at it, it was staying in the same spot,

  • Tasha Farmer

    I saw it last night! Was taking one of our dogs out at 12:45am, sound a burst of light over my shoulder, (to the West). I turned around and looked up just above our big Maple trees to see a bright green “orb” followed by a yellowish “tail.” It streaked from North to South and must’ve been over the water because we live on Lakeshore Drive, on Lake Michigan. It was completely silent, and at first I thought someone was shooting off fireworks, it was that bright! Then it dissipated and was gone…SO AWESOME!!

  • extremeslacker

    I saw this last night as well just by pure chance. I forget to get my mail so just before going to bed at approximately 11:47 pm. cst. I went out to the mailbox and just as I was walking back to the house I happened to be looking up at the sky at at that very second I saw a streak of light appear in mid sky just slightly to my east at first it was a whitish orange and quickly turned to a very bright greenish bright enough to slightly light up my yard. It seemed to last for maybe 5 to 7 seconds as it moved across the sky. I’m located in far southeast Wisconsin and from my perspective it appeared to move from North to South directly inline and over Lake Michigan. I’m 47 years old and have never seen anything this intense in the sky before in my life and very well my not again it was incredible experience to capture in person. The odds of me being out side at that hour at that exact moment and to be looking at exactly the right spot in the sky at that second have to be astronomical just a few seconds sooner or later and I would of missed it entirely, feeling blessed it was very cool.

  • David

    Seen this from mecosta mi. Green orb of light many times bigger than meteorite with a large trail. Came in at approximately the middle of the sky and traveled almost to the horizon. It had a flight time of nearly 4 seconds. It traveled from north to south with a decending altitude. It was way out to the west of our location.

  • Paul VanderJagt

    Must have been a special night for phenomenon in the skies. I witnessed a shooting star east in the sky from Goose Lake near Lake City Michigan. It’s speed was tremendous and it was the largest I’ve seen in years. Most are a small flash but this one was I will call huge! I’ve seen many phenomena in the sky in the western U.S. with many striking the ground very far away yet hitting ground, I know they hit because of the flash or glow from them landing. I feel fortunate to have seen so many out west just a few here in Michigan so keep your eyes up people it’s very cool!

  • Richie Bills

    I witnessed the same thing at about the same time here in South Beloit, Il. There was a South Beloit police officer near by and I went up to him and asked if he saw anything or if anything calls came in, he answered “No” to both.

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