Trends in pregnancy care at Holland Hospital

There aren't just one or two ways to go about delivering a child, it's all about what is best for mama and baby. Dr. Michael Werkema of OB/GYN Associates of Holland is here to talk about the trends in pregnancy care.

Trends in pregnancy care that prepares for a healthier pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum are:

    • Intentional focus on safety, identifying risk factors and preparing and acting on them.
    • Empowerment of women, involve women all of their care plans and preparing them to do that.
    • Remembering the 4th trimester.
      • It’s an often neglected time from delivery to 3 months postpartum.
      • Up to 40% of women do not attend their postpartum visit.
      • Important as it gives providers a chance to impact the long term health of the family.
      • A goal of Healthy People 2020 is to increase that attendance.

Mom can take advantage of the 4th trimester by doing the following:

    • Talk about it and create a care plan with your provider.
    • Use resources that are available to you to fulfill it (lactation, PT, parent advocate, PMAD).
    • Go to your postpartum visit, your pregnancy can be a sneak peek into your future long term health.

Join Dr. Werkema and Holland Hospital Boven Birth Center on May 20 for a presentation and information tables. Learn more about the latest OB care, healthy deliveries & your birth experience. The presentation will happen at the South Haven Conference Center from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

For more information, visit

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