Whitmer: Legislature must ‘get off the dime’ on road fixes

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — With her signature priority of fixing the roads stalled in the Legislature, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer says it’s time for Republican leaders to ‘get off the dime’ and ‘get moving’ on the issue.

The Democrat said Tuesday that fixing roads is the “No. 1 issue” for people, but she’s hearing “crickets” in the Capitol. She proposed a 45-cents-a-gallon fuel tax increase as part of her budget, but it has been rejected by Republicans who currently are focused on cutting auto insurance premiums.

Whitmer, who unveiled her budget more than two months ago, says the first thing lawmakers should be focused on is passing a budget that includes billions more in road funding. She opposes the car insurance legislation.

Budget bills are moving, but without a major influx of new road funding.

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  • rg

    Use the money from the last tax increase that was going to fix the roads. OH. They spent that money on something else.

  • Debra Bosch

    45 cent gas tax is unjust to the people also why is there no toll roads to help with road funding or a tax in tires, boats, jet skis, etc Whitmer you might be able to afford it but people who drive to and from work feeding a family can not. NO TO THE GAS TAX.

  • WRTolkas

    Granholm, Jr. A new lost generation. Every Republican knows after their vote for her inflated tax to fund most everything but the roads they might as well resign.

  • Matthew

    Just call domino’s pizza won’t cost tax payers a dime.
    But without government who would fix the damn roadz! Think of the children.

  • Justin Case

    Here are some numbers. A $0.45/gallon hike equals $0.018 per mile if you average 25 MPG. So if you drive 12,000 miles a year, you will pay an extra $216 per year. Cutting Insurance premiums due to the Catastrphic Claims Coverage or the Personal Injury Protection rates, you will come out farther ahead for residents. Cut insurance rates, and we could afford the gas tax. Nothing like being able to afford to drive your car, and then have good roads to drive them on. One cannot happen without the other. Insurance, then gas rates, not the other way around.

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