‘Arthur’ character Mr. Ratburn revealed as gay, gets married in season premiere

The “Arthur” premiere gave us all the feelings – not just because the PBS animated series is back for its 22nd season, but because Mr. Ratburn finally got the happy ending he deserves.

In the episode “Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone,” the title character’s third grade teacher marries another male character — leaving us all in happy tears.

“It’s a brand new world!” one of the students says during the wedding.


Fans of the show on Twitter were quick to express their surprise, both that the teacher is gay and that the show – a cultural touchstone for many millennials – is still running.

GLAAD even congratulated the teacher.


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  • On It

    Another good move by Trump, removing taxpayer money from PBS. This is a gag me moment when they use cartoons to influence children. Who does that besides lunatics trying to make children become suicide bombers? Pretty much the same thing anyway when you have to coerce children with childrens things to accept that which is foreign to them & should remain so.

  • Kevin Rahe

    Pretty sick to use sentimentality to get children to support something that is wrong in ways they cannot understand.

  • steve

    Actively promoting aberrant behavior in children. Way to go, PBS. You’re as sick as the scenario in the cartoon.

  • Kyle

    I think it is great! Many of you are so angry at this. PBS is not brainwashing your children. The only people who influence your children are you, your family and the people you allow around them. Stop the hate. So, you do not like gays? Fine, but stop saying negative things about gays or things you do not like around your kids, that is where the bullying begins. I grew up in a house where the adults hated people who were a different color of skin. It took time for them to learn and begin to treat ALL people with respect. Stop with being negative…I was excited when Trump started, but now I am not so sure. The negativity he puts out there for anyone who disagrees with him is not something a leader should put out there. For us to be a great nation we need to work together, even if we disagree on things. I ask each one of you who thinks gays are ruining the country spend one day trying to get to know a gay person, you all have to know one or two, ask them questions, find out who they are and you will find out it is not a choice. Why would anyone choose to be gay and be discriminated? It took time for me to learn, and I will tell you I am a much happier person then I was before. The anger inside of me towards anyone that was not like me seemed to just settle in me and created a monster. Then I had a boss who was gay and of another race, and something happened, I WAS the focus of discrimination from another co-worker. My boss went to bat for me and took me to lunch and we talked for 3 hours…it was the first time someone I worked for actually wanted to get to know me and who I was. That 3 hours went by so fast, and she said she would always have my back. To this day I respect her more than any employer I have ever had. She has had our family over for dinner and vice versa. Gays only want to be treated equal that is all. Stop saying they are bad people, or even worse that they are child molesters. There are bad people in every color, shape, man, woman, gay and straight out there. Please, if you going to reply to my post with hate, or cruel words please don’t. You do not have to agree with me, but PLEASE TRY and just take a breath, it is up to us adults to show our children how to act as adults. Don’t put others down or call names in front of them. Do you want your kids to grow up hating other kids, beating them up because YOU don’t like them? No, you do not. Lastly, I do not hate Trump, but I am scared of what he is doing. I really truly pray that he can change things in our country for the positive. Trump has a great opportunity to do the right thing. I want to give him a chance, but he needs to show us that he really is thinking of OUR best interest, not other countries. My family is made up of farmers, and this trade deal is going to pretty much bring my Uncles farm into bankruptcy. Now, if Trump does not fix things now, I am scared for my Uncle and so many other farmers I have seen on television or in my area of Michigan. Please, stop the hate and lets pull together as a country and love each other, not hate, or hurt anyone. Thank you for reading my post, and, if you reply, be nice, you get further with sugar then you do salt. Kyle & Amy R.

    • C

      If rambling, wandering writing burned calories you must have lost ten pounds while commenting. Stay on subject and more people will probably listen.

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