Northern Michigan lawmaker charged with seeking a bribe

State Rep. Larry Inman (R-Traverse City)

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — A Michigan lawmaker has been charged with seeking a bribe from a labor union in exchange for a favorable vote on a wage issue.

A federal grand jury indicted state Rep. Larry Inman on charges of attempted extortion, soliciting a bribe and lying to the FBI. Inman is a Republican from the Traverse City area who is serving his third term in the House after decades as a local official in northern Michigan.

Inman is accused of pledging to vote against an effort to repeal Michigan’s prevailing wage law if he could get campaign contributions from a carpenters union. Prosecutors say the union didn’t respond as requested, and Inman voted to repeal the law.

A message seeking comment was left for Inman on Wednesday. His website says his interests include looking for Amelia Earhart’s plane.

Update: Rep. Larry Inman tells The Detroit News that he spoke to the FBI last summer after the Legislature voted to repeal a wage law on government construction projects. He says agents “had some questions on the vote.” But he says he didn’t have the “slightest idea” of the focus of the investigation.

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  • Jacob D

    The texts that they have released don’t show that he offered to vote a certain way instead he was talking about having 12 votes and holding those votes would be hard to impossible because they would be under pressure from Republican leadership to change their votes. He was suggesting that the union might be able to hold those votes by giving them donations.

    He was not offering his vote or anyone else’s vote in exchange for a donation. In fact he made it clear that even doubling the donation wouldn’t necessarily hold those 12 votes.

    When you read the actual texts you can see that the interpretation is wrong. If it wasn’t the union needs to be indicted since to imply he was asking for more for his vkte means they paid him and others part of the agreed on price. An interpretation that isn’t even remotely intelligent

  • timothy moriarty

    Who does he think he is the President after all the President is now considered above the law and the constitution;

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