Kalamazoo cancels filming of ‘Cops’ after community concerns

KALAMAZOO, Mich. — The City of Kalamazoo has canceled an agreement to allow the television show “Cops” to film in the city this summer.

A city release says officials saw it as “an opportunity to highlight the relationships between Public Safety and our community.”

However, since the agreement was reached, community members voiced concerns about how the citizens of Kalamazoo would be portrayed.

The city says that while it retained approval for all content that could be aired, it respects the concerns of its residents and decided to cancel the agreement.

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  • J.B.

    ” community members voiced concerns about how the citizens of Kalamazoo would be portrayed”
    I guess you would be “portrayed” in the realistic manner that you would naturally be involved in to get filmed on an episode of the TV show cops..
    What is really “concerning” is that the day to day reality of the way you live should be censored or glossed over because the official story does not match the sad truth of the situation….
    I guess Kalamazoo only likes the fan fiction tourist edition sort of reality…
    A few COPS “X-Train” episodes would be fantastic IMHO.

  • Matt

    Good, that series is pure garbage and does nothing but dehuminize people and glorify those who represent the governments will and oppression.

    • Matt

      You must be from kzoo? Bet by the end of the day someone gets shot there. Lets not let the truth about kzoo get out

  • C

    With a violent crime rate per capita that’s about three times the national average, I guess that the show’s producers thought the the city would a great location for future episodes.

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