Muskegon Ride of Silence honors bicyclists killed in crashes

MUSKEGON, Mich. -- A strong show of support for bicyclists killed by cars each year at the Muskegon Ride of Silence Wednesday night.

The ride started at 7 p.m. at the Muskegon Farmer's Market with bicyclists traveling silently to honor the victims killed by pedestrians each year.

The most recent National Highway Traffic Safety numbers showed 783 cyclists died in crashes across the country in 2017, a number that`s been going up for some time.

This was the 17th year for the event internationally and the eight year the city of Muskegon has taken part.


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  • RTFM

    Maybe GET OFF THE FREAKING ROAD ! Din’t Mom tell you never play in the street ? See that funny shaped red thingy ? It means STOP. Spandex is NOT armor nor does it change the laws of physics.

    • bimp

      I hate to tell you friend but motorists need to share the road with cyclists, it also doesn’t help that we’ve constructed our streets for 50+ mph so any accident between cyclists and vehicles are almost always fatal.

    • Tim Potter

      RTFM: A little history lesson: highways were built for exclusive use of motor vehicles for high speed travel between cities; local roads are unrestricted for vehicle types and have no speed minimums. They are meant to be used by everyone to allow people to get around by all modes of travel. So, if you want to get places unimpeded at high speed stay on the FREAKING highways, but if you want to participate in a civil society then learn how to get along with other legal road users safely and peacefully.

      Civility reminder: didn’t your mother teach you to not say/ write anything unless you had something good/ helpful to say?

    • Tim Potter

      Oh, and if bicyclists blow red lights or stop signs they only endanger themselves, but when motorists do so they endanger the lives of others. A big difference. And I observe motorists doing these very dangerous things at a majority of the intersections while out and about my community; at virtually every red light signal phase I observe 1 if not 2 motorists blowing thru solid red lights as well as rolling reds (w/out stopping).

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