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Rep. Amash: President Trump’s conduct is ‘impeachable’

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- In a series of tweets on Saturday afternoon, U.S. Rep. Justin Amash, R-Grand Rapids, made his case for impeaching President Trump.

Amash is the first Republican in Congress to take this stance. He says he has four principal conclusions: that Attorney General William Barr intentionally misrepresented the Mueller report, President Trump has "engaged in impeachable conduct," the federal government's system of checks and balances has been reduced by partisanship, and that he is one of a few members of Congress who have read the Mueller report.

The Republican congressman says he came to these conclusions after carefully reading the report, various testimonies, and discussing these matters with his staff.

Michigan GOP Chair Laura Cox says Amash is engaging in a "desperate attempt to grab headlines."

In the thread of 13 tweets, Amash writes that impeachment doesn't require probable cause of a crime being committed, only that an official has committed "careless, abusive, corrupt, or otherwise dishonorable conduct."

Amash says there are several examples in the Mueller report that demonstrate obstruction of justice. He argues that anyone else who behaved this way would be indicted.

Doug Booth (D), who is running for Amash's seat in 2020, tells FOX 17 that while he's glad a member of the GOP is taking this stance, he doubts it will be followed with action.

“He very much towed the line in terms of what his statement actually was," Booth tells FOX 17.

Booth says Amash is using this thread of tweets to brand himself for a potential presidential run.

“I think that he is still trying to bolster his status as a rebel against Trump in order to protect his possibility of running as a Libertarian for the presidential nomination," Booth says.

Amash may have to take this stance alone as other West Michigan Republicans haven't relented their support of President Trump.

Brian Patrick, the communications director for Rep. Bill Huizenga, R-Zeeland, provided the following statement to FOX 17:

"Any member of Congress has the ability to file articles of impeachment at any time if they believe such a charge is warranted. Bill has said publicly that he is not aware of any impeachable offense."

FOX 17 has reached out to Amash's office for further comment and is waiting for a response.

This is a developing story.

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  • steve

    Justin, your animosity toward Trump is no secret, and is a perfect example of the partisanship you refer to only your partisanship is personal more than political.

  • Content Awaiting Moderation

    AG Barr is a national hero. Amash is a closet Washington swamp creature hiding under “libertarian” clothing. This guy needs a serious primary challenger. I’m beginning to think Amash must not be a very good lawyer. He’s going to look pretty stupid when Durham starts revealing all of the criminal activities of the “investigators”. Mueller would not even have grounds for his illegitimate investigation except for fictional dossier commissioned by Hillary. Hey, If I write up a fake story about Amash and get it published can I have him brought up on charges?

  • mike

    If you think this then either impeach him or STFU..so tired of this tool that I didn’t vote for representing me in Congress..

  • me

    Justin Amash said the president engaged impeachable offenses but failed to say what those offenses where. That leads me to believe the Justin Amash has nothing logical to say about the Muller report.

  • Iamct01

    But he is a good provider doesn’t work on Amash, he is a lawyer that puts the flags laws before father figure that know best.

  • Henry Butler

    If only more republiCONs would put their moronic support of a traitor aside and join the sane people in congress to get rid of the giant cancer known as Traitor Trump. He never should have been elected, he’s absolutely nowhere near qualified for the job and is totally unfit. Worst president ever and close to the worst person ever. Impeach him.

    • Rj

      And you had no problem with Osama, or KILLARY ? Or the 16yr plan to destroy this country while using people like you as their tools until you are no longer needed ? Selling our military security via Clinton foundation, or Osama stealing billions of dollars to be kicked back in the form of ghost writers who write his books.

  • On It

    Amash is a traitor. He needs to go, & I don’t care where. Michigan’s elected officials have been an embarrassment on the national stage. I’m fed up.

  • Augster

    You can flush this human turd right along with my congressman Fred Upton. Where’s the leadership in patriotic West Michigan?

  • dace

    Couldn’t agree more with all the above comments. Guy’s a fake. Let’s all remember that next time he runs…. er, has the runs.

  • Rj

    What does Justin see in the report we all can read and should read ? Justin is a John McCain kind of republican, Justin should care more about what has happened to this country and The abuses that have happened, I would put more trust in a man, AG Barr, who’s first words when confirmed said he can’t believe what has happened in these prestigious halls then I put the swamp creature Justin, good luck getting re-elected Justin, Or is that what you want so you can become a foreign agent or a lobbyist ?

  • DaMailman

    I’m sure this has nothing to do with Amash exploring a third party presidential run. I wonder who would be interested and have the money to try and dilute the Republican presidential race? Hmmmmm…….. Follow the money.



  • Dimitry

    At least Amash has integrity. It’s a quality you don’t often find in the Cult45 GOP, a very appropriate title by the way, just look at the responses here so quick to defend dear leader and attack those who may not agree with Chump. And there is no limit, you attack Mueller and McCain, both war heroes unlike deferrment Donny Bone Spurs.

    • dace

      It’s NOT that he “disagrees”, it’s that he (they: Dems, CNN, MSNBC, etc.) JUST DON’T STOP ! Jeez he’s half way through his term. Vote him out next November but in meantime let the man do his job – get the hell out of his way!

  • The Conservative

    God help us all! Idiots like Amosh and the crazy liberals need to be voted out by the powerful mass that showed strength in numbers on Nov, 8 2016. Let’s continue to stand strong and continue to take back out country! Trump 2020!!!

    • On It

      Go to theconservativetreehouse for Sundance’s brilliant breakdown of Amash’s big business dealings with China. The media never persues the real truth anymore, you have to actually dig it up yourself, unless it benefits the left, like this story.

  • Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

    Amash is an idiot, and maybe his district will finally figure out what a slimy creature he is and give him is overdue retirement.

  • lml25

    We’ve got a horrible mayor and a guy for rep,that wants to make a name for himself.A city manager that wants to string up white cops and a city commission that’s anti-white–period.No wonder the whole city is starting to look like Division and Hall.

  • Bighorse

    So Mueller has agreed that Barr’s summary of the report is accurate, he just didn’t like the way media was representing it. The report indicates that nothing Trump did was either illegal or impeachable. But Amash comes along and finds all kinds of impeachable offenses, he just doesn’t care to list them, apparently. Who knew that Amash was such a genius! Only he knows the truth! He can discern what isn’t even there! The 3rd District certainly took a big step down going from Ehlers to Amash.

  • Not racist not violent but no longer silent

    Justin I hope you are reading these comments. Your constituents disagree with you. Same as most of governor Whitmer’s .. we will respond and vote you out

  • stop the madness

    Boothe said he’s glad a member of the GOP is taking this stance, he doubts it will be followed with action. Brian Patrick said “Any member of Congress has the ability to file articles of impeachment at any time if they believe such a charge is warranted. Hmm, so why isn’t anybody taking action? Because they know there is no impeachable offenses by our President or AG and having a GOP senate majority helps too. Grow up and get with the MAGA program.

  • On It

    My comment never made it, leads me to believe many more are very unhappy with Amash. 17 loves him though, his story stays at the top of the page forever.

  • DumpJustin

    Justin has lost my future vote, and I am embarrassed that I have given him my vote in the past!
    He is no better than a democrat.

  • We the people

    You can tell fox 17 is liberal, they will ride this person’s negative thoughts about our good President till they are blue in the face just to get one person to believe them, sorry but I won’t, I know we have freedom of speech but let’s make sure we are not biased about our freedom of speech.

  • dumpjustin

    Only out for himself!

    Amash’s two brothers also have positions at Michigan Industrial Tools, and the trio shares ownership of Dynamic Source International, a Chinese company that is a supplier to Michigan Industrial Tools.

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