2 Republicans to challenge Amash after impeachment tweets

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Republican Rep. Justin Amash is now facing two challengers for his 2020 seat following tweets he made over the weekend.

Through a series of tweets, Amash tweeted on Saturday why he believes President Donald Trump engaged in impeachable conduct.

On Sunday, Trump tweeted Amash was a "lightweight" and using controversy as a means to "get his name out there."

On Monday, Michigan State Rep. Jim Lower announced his intentions to run against the incumbent congressman. Lower is currently serving in the 70th District, which includes Montcalm County and portions of Gratiot County.

Lower says he originally planned to announce his campaign in July, but his team moved the date forward after reading Amash's comments on social media.

"Enough is enough," said Lower. "I wanted to be out there and let people know that there is someone that supports our president and supports the community's values."

Lower said he wanted to get "that message" out there sooner, rather than waiting until his planned date for his campaign announcement.

"I think there is no question at this point that the current incumbent is not a member of our party. At this point, he doesn't stand up for the core values of our party and doesn't support the president," said Lower.

In April, Tom Norton from Ada filed to run against Amash. Norton previously ran an unsuccessful campaign for District 73 of the Michigan State House.

Norton told FOX 17 he believes Amash is playing three-dimensional chess by posting such inflammatory comments about the president.

"I really think Mr. Amash is trying to do is to drive in more primary challengers in this race, so he can win re-election," said Norton.

Amash continued to reaffirm his stance on Twitter Monday morning.


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  • Tired of Amash

    Amash – a self proclaimed Libertarian, who has business interests in importing cheap Chinese tools.

    It this because of his hatred of President Trump or is it because he is not making as much money by NOT employing American’s to make the tools

  • Rj

    Look at the lapel pin Justin wears next to the American flag when he wears it, it is a Palestinian flag. A libertarian is supposed to care about the security in this country while he voted against sealing our borders yet he has no problem sending hundreds of millions to protect borders in other countries. He is just another one who deserves to be removed from office, he will be removed and then he’ll become a agent of a foreign government and or a lobbyist and keep screwing us all. Bye Bye Justin

  • DaMailman

    Amash likes to cherry pick. Where was Justin’s Constitutional outrage and concerns about lawlessness when the Special Counsel was appointed without specifying any underlying crime, a requirement of the Justice Department? That makes the “investigation” by Mueller, and his merry band of Clinton donating lawyers, illegitimate from that start. Where was his concern about Constitutional privacy when citizens were spied on in order to carry out this fishing expedition on all things Trump?

  • Augster

    I wish one of his opponents would move a little further south and take on my congressman Fred Upton. I used to fear such a disruption could allow a Democrat to slip in, but now I wonder what the hell the difference would be. I now realize that “We The People” are the RINOS.

  • dumpjustin

    Only out for himself!

    Amash’s two brothers also have positions at Michigan Industrial Tools, and the trio shares ownership of Dynamic Source International, a Chinese company that is a supplier to Michigan Industrial Tools.

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