Grand Haven RibFest a tasty holiday weekend tradition

GRAND HAVEN, Mich.  — Barbecue ribs, live entertainment and a selection of craft beers elevated spirits Friday and Saturday at the 15th annual Grand Haven RibFest.

Corey Davis, pitmaster/owner with Daddy Pete’s BBQ. May 25, 2019

Steady crowds came out to N. First Street to sample what organizers described as “some of the best ribs in the Midwest”. Admission was free – the food was not.

FOX 17’s Candese Charles broadcast live from the annual RibFest on Saturday morning. One person she interviewed was Corey Davis, the pitmaster  from Daddy Pete’s BBQ To-Go, which is based at 2929 Eastern Avenue S.E. in Grand Rapids.

One piece of advice Davis offered outdoor chefs: “Give yourself time. Do an offset, meaning you have your fire source on one side and your meat on another. So, you won’t have that flare-up, you won’t have burns marks…allow for the smoking process to actually cook the meat itself. And give it about three to four hours.”

Davis says you should be able to see the bone protruding through the meat.

Daddy Pete’s also makes sides like baked beans. “Well, some people at home add onions, peppers. One thing to kind of make them different, if you can: put them on a smoker. Or, if you don’t have a smoker or something, use a gas grill. You can use wood pellets. Make sure they’re nice and wet, then put them inside aluminum foil, poke some holes through those – and put it right on the fire to create that smoke right there.”


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