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Finding Liam his Forever Home

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH - FOX 17 continues our Forever Home series, helping children in Michigan's foster care system, find loving homes.

15-year old Liam is a very bright and kind young man who really has a ‘no quit’ attitude.

He loved putting his reflexes to the test at Craig’s Cruisers in Wyoming, playing both complicated and old school games.

It’s easy to see why he wants to be a software engineer when he grows up.

Liam said “You know how there’s stuff behind video games and stuff like that. All of that is just code, embedded into the cd and all that.”

Liam is a Freshman in high school and doing very well in his math and biology classes.

“I’ve gotten really good teachers. They help me with my work when I need to turn it in and everything,” he said.

When Liam isn’t playing video games like ‘Halo,’ developing new code, or studying, he likes to be on the move.

“I’ll draw or sometimes I’ll play some sports. Basketball, sometimes I’ll golf or go bowling.”

That’s why he would love to find a family who can keep up with him.

He said, “An active family, like ones that like to be outside most of the time. I like to ride bikes sometimes and I’ll try to build a fort out of branches.”

He would also be open to having a home with pets and siblings.

“A dog and a cat and I guess one brother and sister,” said Liam.

He is a big fan of Chicago sports, especially the Cubs. He said watching them win the world series in 2016 was incredible.

“I expected it to happen because they had really good players and they trained really hard to get there.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Liam or the adoption process, you can visit Orchard's Children's Services or give them a call at 1-(855)-694-7301.

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