Mueller: Special counsel probe did not exonerate Trump

WASHINGTON (AP) — Special counsel Robert Mueller said Wednesday he believed he was constitutionally barred from charging President Donald Trump with a crime but emphasized that his report did not exonerate the president.

The comments at an extraordinary press conference were Mueller's first public statements since his appointment as special counsel two years ago.

"If we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so," Mueller said. "We did not however make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime."

The statement came amid demands for Mueller to testify on Capitol Hill about his findings and tension with Attorney General William Barr.

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  • J.B.

    Just when did the “presumption of innocence”,
    Become a “presumption of guilt” in our justice system?
    This just happen when Trump got elected and the Democrats find it politically expedient?
    Because before Trump i vividly remember a lot of EVIDENCE of crimes and just about every democrat looking the other way or crying racism when any question or interest was directed their way.
    You cant have it both ways..sorry…we are not a nation of mentally challenged 5 year old’s.
    well, at least i don’t think the majority of us are anyways….yet.

  • On It

    Trying to insulate bff comey from prosecution, & get the cray crays off his back. If he had any possibility of looking unbiased in his quest he lost it from the get by surrounding himself with morbidly rabid leftists to do the ‘investigations’ Not a conservative in the bunch to witness their ‘work’.

  • Truth

    So then he admits, that he was incompetent as an investigator?

    You know, as well as being completely biased against the President?

    This guy is part of the problem with the failure of our country, put up your evidence, or shut up.

  • steve

    Nothing’s changed. Mueller comes out and says he couldn’t prove Trump did anything wrong so now it’s up to Congress to try to prove he did, and it’s up to Trump to keep denying it while trying to do what he should be, and has been doing well as President. Nothing’s changed.

  • Bud

    The job of the United States DOJ is NOT to determine innocence – THAT IS A GIVEN. The job of every prosecutor in this country IS TO DETERMINE IF A CRIME WAS COMMITTED and TO CHARGE THE INDIVIDUAL IF YOU HAVE PROOF. Mueller HAD NO PROOF and the DOJ determined that – IGNORING THE FACT THAT A SITTING PRESIDENT CANNOT BE INDICTED – there WAS NO EVIDENCE OF OBSTRUCTION. End of Story.
    Now starts the investigation into how this hoax was perpetrated.

  • A Never, ever again democrat voter

    Well, that was a waste of tv air time. Did Mueller think this was going to get all the nut jobs off his back? Did he think this would put anything to rest? NO!!! This Trump hater only got his nasty face on tv to poke sticks at the Pelosis, Nadlers, and the rest of the America haters so they can do anything but their jobs as congress men and women.

  • DaMailman

    So now, according to Mueller, you’re guilty until proven innocent. Breathlessly awaiting clueless Justin’s next tweet storm decrying Mueller’s assault on the constitution.

  • Content Awaiting Moderation

    So now, according to Mueller, you’re guilty until proven innocent. Breathlessly awaiting clueless Justin’s next tweet storm decrying Mueller’s assault on the constitution.

  • C

    The only result of the Democrat leadership’s obsession to destroy Trump that will happen will be to damage themselves and, sadly, to the country as a whole. What’s truly alarming too, is that people like Nadler and Pelosi truly don’t care.

  • Bighorse

    All Mueller said, in essence, was that he couldn’t prove a negative. As others have pointed out, that presumes guilt until innocence can be proven. Not exactly the way the system is supposed to work.
    As to the obstruction of justice? If we stipulate that Mueller is correct that a sitting President cannot be indicted, then one must raise the question why he didn’t indict anyone else? For example, Trump fired Comey on the recommendation of Rosenstein. If, as has been alleged, that amounted to obstruction of justice, why wasn’t Rosenstein charged? He’s a sitting President. Mueller has showed no reticence charging anyone associated with the President on other charges, even if unrelated to the investigation?
    Parse Mueller’s words and it becomes clear that he has no case for any crime but he is such a partisan hack so desperately opposed to Trump as President that he is not interested in concluding the investigation, he wished only to stir the pot with innuendo.
    Finally, there is the fact that he has said he will have no further comment and will not appear before Congressional committees. In other words, he absolutely will not answer any questions the Republican committee members would have for him because it would only highlight the serious flaws in his investigation and his report.
    Given the investigations currently underway as to the genesis of the whole collusion investigation and the fairly well substantiated spying by Obama’s DOJ and the intelligence community of Trump and his campaign, my guess is that Mueller wants to take the money he got as Special Counsel and disappear to some country that doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the U.S.

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