Gov. Whitmer signs auto insurance reform bill

Photo from Gov. Whitmer Facebook page

MACKINAC ISLAND, Mich. (AP) — Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has signed into law an overhaul of Michigan’s car insurance system that will let drivers forego unlimited medical benefits to cover crash injuries.

The Democratic governor signed the bill Thursday at the Detroit Regional Chamber’s policy conference on Mackinac Island. She was joined by lawmakers and Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan.

Whitmer says it’s a “historic day” because the cost of auto insurance will go down.

Michigan has the country’s highest average premiums.

Whitmer says the law — which will begin to take effect in July 2020 — will lower personal injury protection rates, give people choices and ban insurers from using discriminatory non-driving factors to set rates. She says the bipartisan deal provides momentum for other initiatives such as fixing the roads and closing a skills gap.

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  • lml25

    Kudos on this,but an entire year to go for relief.As someone else said previously,your taxes will go up elsewhere,to make up for these theoretical savings.Michigan drivers,however,should never have been overcharged like this–in the first place.

  • John

    So what was given up for us though? She said she would never sign it and that it would be dead if it ever hit her desk. What changed and where are we getting screwed now?

  • Meatballs

    What about that $220.00 increase per vehicle, per year, towards the catastrophic insurance. Is that in effect for 1 year before this new law? If so, HOW CONVENIENT!

  • steve

    The only reason she signed this is an attempt to make her proposed forty five cent per gallon gas tax increase more palatable to the motorist. Instead of us paying more for insurance we’ll just be spending it at the pump. At best, it might be a break even trade for the public.

  • We the people

    She is a democrat, do you believe anything she says?
    Oh and just wait your insurance will go up not down, remember what Obama said, you can keep your doctor and your insurance will be cheaper.

  • lml25

    Simple solution–do what the other 49 states are doing to keep their rates half the level of Michigans.From what other stations are reporting,this law will allow lower rates,due to one portion of the policy being changed ,only to allow ANOTHER portion of the policy to be raised-and cancel the savings.APRIL FOOLS!!!

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