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Holland man running four miles a day for sobriety

HOLLAND, Mich. — Jason Parks is 990 days sober from alcohol.

“I started drinking when I was 16, and then, to make a long story short, I got sober September 12, 2016,” Jason said.

Thursday, he’s on day 74 of a new challenge. Parks has committed to running at least four miles a day for the next year to encourage others battling addiction to take things one step at a time.

“I just kind of got hooked on it,” Parks said, ever since I stopped drinking, I put on a pair of running shoes.”

Through his company Egress Endurance, Parks also encourages others to find a positive outlet through running.

Parks says running helped him most because it gave him something valuable to do with his time to avoid alcohol.

His kids are some of his biggest fans. They know their dad has struggled with addiction, and love that he is helping others spend more time with their families, too.

“He has given people opportunities, and be able to run with him, instead of drinking,” Parks’ 10-year-old daughter Alayna said.

You can follow his journey this year using the hashtag #4forthesober

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1 Comment

  • Diane

    Way to go, Jason Parks!! My baby brother struggles with addiction to alcohol so I’ve seen how it destroys him year after year! Do it for yourself but also for your family!!!

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