Teacher writes ‘WTF is this?’ on student’s homework

BAY COUNTY, Fla. -- A Florida teacher didn't give her student an "F." Instead, she wrote "WTF" on a paper to signal he would be getting "absolutely no credit."

Melinda Smith says she was shocked when her son handed her his science homework with WTF – an acronym containing a swear word – written across the top.

"Just seeing 'WTF,' what is this? ... It wasn't anything about not getting the credit, it was more so the language, Smith told WJHG, which she called "inappropriate and not acceptable."

"I think for sure she needs to be reprimanded. I believe that something should be placed in her file," Smith continued.

WJHG reports the teacher does not want to respond publicly to the situation.

Rutherford High School Principal Coy Pilson said they are taking the necessary steps to deal with the incident and does not want to release the teacher's name at this time.

"Once we were notified, I notified district officials and our HR has been involved and they're currently investigating the situation," Pilson told WJHG.

He said he has spoken with the teacher regarding appropriate classroom conduct.

"She was apologetic and it was a mistake on her part," he said.

It is unclear if any action will be taken against the teacher.

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  • Dave

    I fully agree writing such a comment on a paper is unacceptable, but I would also like to see the assignment that was turned in that prompted such a comment.

  • BP

    Maybe if the kid paid attention? Not condoning the teacher but these kids are disrespectful, rude etc. And when the teacher gives bad grades it’s the teacher’s fault. Used to be the kid got in trouble.

  • Michael

    It is high school. If you are offended by WTF you are going to walk around as an adult constantly being offended.

    • C

      To you, WTF may be acceptable. But, in the real world, it actually isn’t, and any teacher that would use that acronym to comment on a student’s paper has no business being a role model for that student.

    • Curtis

      And this would be the reason our nation is going downhill…”WTF?” is definitely offensive and unprofessional. This a a leader of CHILDREN not a foreman to a bunch of construction workers!!!

  • Mary

    While I would agree that writing “wtf” on a student’s paper is inappropriate, I think in the broader context of the world today, this is small potatoes. And if people are going to dislike that I am now going to bring up Trump and politics, too bad. We have a president who tweets inappropriate things on a daily basis, and he is supposed to be the leader of this country and should be held to higher standards than most people. And it seems that there are very few people, if any, with enough balls to put Trump in check (whether it be a dem or repub), meaning that using vulgarity and unprofessionalism while communicating in a professional setting is just being normalized more every day. Are we holding a teacher to a higher standard of professionalism than our President?!? Give me a break people. We expect teachers to never lose their temper and do something like this, but teachers are human, and even I might eventually lose my temper if I was being paid a teacher’s shitty salary while being expected to pretty much be a saint and never lose my cool with these spoiled, disrespectful little punks.

  • Chris

    Oh who cares. Stop wasting your breath on miniscule things. Seriously people! Your kid probably is an asshole and provoked it. Cry, cry , cry. Put your time into fixing problems that deserve the attention.

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