Roof collapses at Lee Middle and High School

WYOMING, Mich. - Lee Middle School and High School building is closed after a portion of the roof collapsed earlier on Thursday.

The Godfrey-Lee district posted the message Thursday morning on Facebook. School is out and officials say that no one was injured.

The collapse happened on the west side of the building. No one is to enter the school while crews secure the scene.

Superintendent Kevin Polston tells FOX 17 that maintenance staff noticed the collapse this morning. The damage happened over a classroom and another portion of the building. The portion of the building that collapsed was built in 1925.

No construction was being done at the time of the collapse. Polston says that voters passed a sinking fund just over a year ago which included funding for roof replacement. Inspections of the roof last year showed no problems.  He says the district also believes the damage will be covered by insurance.

Engineers and architects will be assessing the situation in coming days.

We'll have more details when they become available.

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  • Iamct01

    Yup, fading generations pinched every penny to the point it’s now harmful from food to school roofs. And don’t get me started on who gave away our industrial might and hiring the illegals.

      • Keithen

        It sounds like their saying baby boomers were the worst generation in American history. They’re cushy, selfish and greedy mentality ruined American industry. Then they accuse younger generations of being lazy. It’s sad how out of touch they are. Cant wait til they’re gone.

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